Thursday, April 10, 2008

Horrified and mortified

I would just like it noted, for the record, that in my absence all day yesterday (Blue Ray at Peace Space, it was ace and I'll have to blog about that when I have more than a spare five minutes), my husband used my computer and it would appear he also listened to some of his iTunes music.

Def Leppard.


Oh God, it's out there for all to see (on my Last FM playlist on the side there --> ) and until I play more music to bump down what he listened to, it's going to stay there. Blaringly obviously that we own Def Leppard music - it's Steve's not mine *hastily jumping away from said husband and pointing*

Rather sheepishly, I have to admit though............. they're orright. And I do enjoy them. *duck* There. I said it. They are one of those ace, corny, 80's "rock" bands who thought they were heavy but just SO weren't.

Spinal Tap, eat your hearts out.

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