Saturday, May 31, 2008

My latest little (big) crush

Two words: Arrested Development.

I resisted for so long, I don't know why. I think it was Jason Bateman who stopped me initially. I couldn't quite get over the whole Teen Wolf II thing. Well, so it was a combination of the thought of him in TW and also Portia "who'smyface" de Rossi (love, stop with the enhancements, pleeease, you were so pretty about five fix-its ago and then you went a bit overboard) that was stopping me get into it.

And then, Steve borrowed the entire series from someone at work and brought it home.

I'm in a heaven of comedy. I haven't laughed so heartily in SUCH a long time. Not at least since that time Jazz met Simon (okay, granted, I may have laughed once or twice since then).

I. Heart. It.

And ummmm..... okay, I did a backflip on JB himself too. I find myself thinking lusty thoughts after him and sit here sometimes imagining my fingers running through his thick hair. What the hell is wrong with me??! And did I just admit that out loud?

They've been teasing with talks of a movie since December last year. It makes me nervous. Look what's currently happening with Sex and the City, after all (and don't you think wild horses could keep me from seeing THAT one, I'm going in a few weeks, I don't care what the critics are saying). When TV characters come back after a few years off our screens, they seem to come back older, somewhat wrinklier or with more sun damage. And oh dear, there is such pressure not to flop.

The actors who collectively make up the Bluth family are just such a big part of my world at the moment. I cannot believe this show was axed after only three seasons. I think it's got to be one of the most consistently funny, fast-witted sitcoms ever aired. If you haven't already, see if you can't check out an ep or two. If you don't laugh.... well. You and me probably wouldn't be compatible on one of those Love Match(dot)com sites. And don't that make your brown eyes blue.

Now... one more time (because it's my blog and I'll perve if I want to), please excuse me while I sigh dreamily and immerse myself in some steely eyes *siiiigh*

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