Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nasal spray strikes again

Definition of an uncomfortable moment, coming up:

Sitting in an otherwise empty café, a middle aged man pacing as he waits for his bacon and egg roll and coffee to go. I'm working on my book, head down. Concentrating. Tune in all of a sudden to the commercial on the radio. The guy stops pacing. I look up. We lock eyes, too late to glance away and pretend we were looking past the other at the opposite wall.

An erectile dysfunction ad is rather a personal thing to be blazoning across the airwaves. I'd never thought of it before, having not been in the company of anyone outside of my own car when hearing one in the past. So there it was this morning, shouting into the silence of the public place.

I think the other customer's almost imperceptible shift in stance and look of mild discomfort was a sure giveaway, despite what I'll bet was his strive to be still and not draw any further attention to himself. Poor bastard.

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