Monday, May 5, 2008

AGAIN with the pre-emptive post

So you know how I was all a-twitter about the LGBB's steps? I spoke too soon. Our world has not as yet opened up, for I am still trying to encourage one very determined little girl to stand and walk on her own two feet and convince her she does NOT need a hand to hold to do it. She's done it! We've all seen the (very embarrasing for Mummy and her breathy excited exclamations) footage now.

But she hasn't taken any more. Not a one. Like..... no, not even ONE slight shuffle on her own.

Excuse me while I lay down and curl up in a ball with my head between my knees. At least I know she can do it, yes, yes. At least her legs work, har har, yes, yes.

But whyyyyyyyyyyy oh why does the will of my little girl precede every little thing she does? Just on the cusp of a monumental milestone, she gets all "Nu', not gunna" and so Steve and I have to get very blasé about it.

Sigh. Back to struttin' around on her knees. She has also begun to perfect what I shall call The Pout. Oh yes, it deserves capitals. And whingeing and wailing like the sky is falling down when she meets an obstruction that I know and she knows and I know she knows I know... she can get over/under/around by herself. But does she? Does she even try??

I can picture it now: she'll be sitting her Year 10 exams, get to Question 2 without realising it, remember she normally puts on an act that she can't do it on her own unless one of her parents is there to coax her along and then flail about and chuck a hissy-fit at her desk until they call me to come and cheer her on from the door.

Ok, so maybe that's a bit far fetched of me. It'll happen in a uni-level exam.

Forgive me, Lolly, while Mummy just chucks one of her own.

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