Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is it so wrong?

Tonight before her bath, the LGBB played a game of Go Fish with her dad and me. Except, it didn't end up being Go Fish. It ended up being Memory.

We used five pairs of flash cards - each pair with an animal on them - and Steve and I stared at each other over the top of her head in stunned disbelief as she blitzed the table, getting 100% hit rate without appearing to think twice. Even I struggled to remember where the lion was and who last turned over the "kulala" (koala).

I'll only be impressed, though, if she can follow that performance with cooking me a lovely three course meal complete with suggestions of appropriate wines to complement each aspect of her menu. I want to see evidence of sound knowledge of which side of the vineyard the grapes came from or it won't believable.

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