Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh well that's just great

• I got food poisoning last night from some dodgy shop-bought sushi and have had my head in the toilet violently hurling abuse into it since 7am today.

• Today is the day all has gone to shit with my clients' servers and so I've been trying to field calls in between puking sessions. Joy.

• Still feel like crap but am on-call here at home until Steve gets here to look after the LGBB. He had to take her this morning to occ. care and I managed to crawl into the car and go and collect her at lunchtime (oooh Note To Self: DON'T mention food again). It was a very giddy trip.

• I look more yellow than a banana.

• To top it all off, bloody school holidays have started. You know how I can tell (and why I care)? Bloody Oprah! I don't know if it's just my bad luck with the days I am tuning in, but seriously, if I see one more Dr. Oz special or yet more "Oprah & Gayle's Gala Outback Driving Spectacular Knees-Up Hitch-hike" episodes now because they are the 'safe' eps while the kiddies are home..... Sheez Louise.

Bleh. Taking my spinning head and raspy throat for a drink (Roz).

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