Sunday, March 30, 2008

Accidental heroine

her·o·ine (hěr'ō-ĭn), n.
  1. A woman noted for courage and daring action.
This entry is brought to you by The Wonderful World of MCN. You'll just have to hear me out on this one (or simply skip this post and come back next time) if you're not into cloth nappies.

It seemed an easy enough task when I first started. I was going to make boosters for the LGBB's night nappy setup. But in retrospect, how ambitious was I? I mean... really.

First I had to find the sewing machine. At the back of the 10m garage, I found it. That sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? Heh heh, not when half your house is still in boxes in said garage, it's not. But anyway, after half a day's procrastinating, I hunted properly (a girl look, not the cursory, notorious boy look) and found it. I already had my bamboo fleece *quaking* Oh how divine.

Deciding I wanted to make the very most of it that I possibly could, I opted for some night nappy boosters with old terry squares inside. The protoype lasted extremely well overnight on its maiden run. I made it last week. It was eight layers of terry, eight layers of bamboo. I say "was" because, well, I had to wash it and that's when I realised that the point in the sewing where I had thought "Eh, the needle won't go through the entire lot so, uh, meh, it'll be right" was actually my cue to stop and do it properly. But I didn't.

It wasn't right. After going through the wash, it ended up chunkier in odd spots than my bottom. Oh, sorry. Too much?

So, today I persevered with Mark II. The new and improved edition. Same amount of fabric, tackled differently. What I ended up with this time was, well I'll just say it. AWESOME!! I pre-sewed the terry this time cross-ways (diagonally) and lengthways until it actually looked like a long jaffle-ironed sandwich toasty. And flat? Mate! You should've seen the crépe-esque quality of the thing. Next, the eight layers of bamboo again. Now this proved difficult. I sewed carefully. Painstakingly. Persistence paid off.

But... what was this? Shit, the needle was never going to go through the corners of this thing. There were such stubborn and thick parts that the machine literally shifted on the tabletop. I had to steer carefully, sometimes inching the wheel by hand. I sewed up what I could, my direction somewhat dictated by the thickness of the combined fabrics. I finished, smoothed it all out and that's when I noticed I had left one entire length undone. Looking at it again, I realised, as luck would have it, somehow I seemed to have managed to make myself a POCKET booster! Yaaaaaaay.

I know probably none - or, okay, maybe .0002% - of you readers will understand my joy. But there will be those who know the massive, overstuffed, padded-beyond-recognition night nappies I have to resort to in order to give the LGBB an increasingly dry night. She's never been in a disposable overnight - it's not a 'pride' thing, I simply don't think they have the stamina - and I may as well not start now. So over the past six months, at least, we've had to become very creative with how and what we stuff her night time nappy with.

This is just such a coup! Now her cute little jarmies won't get over-stretched either. Look! Look at the thinness. The thinness of it! And so absorbent on its own, but with the added bonus of a neat pouch to stuff. Here it is (with added padding, no less) ready to go for tonight. Inside a Fuzzi Bunz pocket.

And now for the hard part, of course: "stuffing up" the next three I still have left to make. It was really just a perfect arse-up. So I don't really know if I'll be able to beat it. Or copy it, alas. But it won't stop me trying *glances ruefully at the smoking white stallion with the needle over there*

Here endeth the cloth rave. Thank you for bearing with me. Wasn't sew bad was it? Huh? *tumbleweeds rolling*

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