Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hello, lover

Steve has given his blessing for changes in our marriage.

He sat me down last night, told me he had seen me struggling for so long now. Last week, my call to him on Friday that we needed to talk over the weekend and work something new out came after he had apparently already made calls of his own and made his mind up.

He had decided to bring a third party into the relationship. And last night .... I met her.

Despite being younger, prettier, lighter and faster and infinitely more powerful and intelligent, I have no jealousies. For she is to be mine. For me to write my book on. I can now take my writing anywhere - backyard, coffee shop, bushland park, front porch, couch. Anywhere the inspiration fancies and takes me. And we've got an airport too which means it's all wireless internet connectivity. So I can also blog out back too! (eww, that sounds a bit messy, come to think of it)

I have not been this in love with a piece of expensive machinery since he brought home the 21" iMac. Which I thought was the most thin, streamlined, powerful computer I had ever laid eyes on - and immediately shoulder and elbowed Steve out of my way to stake claim (it was my computer, after all) as soon as he had set it up for me.

Well what did you think I meant? Get your minds out of the gutter! Honestly... tut tut, shame on you.

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