Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So the good news is, she's gorgeous

And apparently very advanced with her language and communication. Of course, that had everything to do with the fact that the LGBB told the Paediatrician this morning - not asked, told - that he was "Finished?" I mean, it was posed as a question and said with the most angelic little voice. But the pudgy hand on his to remove the tape measure off her leg and the set chin and unwavering gaze as she said it made him stammer, "Oh... finished? I... yes, I suppose I have." Bwahahaha, adda grrl.

Then she crawled (can you strut while you crawl? Is it possible? Because she now struts - can't wait to see her walk) to the door, pointed to it, looked at me and said, "Open door?" and proceeded to sit on her haunches waving goodbye to the Paed - "Bye, doh-ter, byeeeee."

Ok, now to the not so great news.

After the second little "turn" thing that Lolly endured in January this year (the first one at ten months if you remember back that far, I sure as heck had to strain my memory even when I vowed it was an experience that would freeze me each time I thought about it), she was referred to a Paediatrician. Today was that visit. He was, as I mentioned, impressed with her communication skills. Great. All above average. Gross motor-wise, though, things are a bit more suspect. I can now officially (not that I ever wanted to) say that medically, we cannot rule out she's not had a very mild seizure or two, although honestly I do not believe in my heart that this is what happened. I have doubts, though, that there is not something going on in that little body of hers. And I guess my worst fears have been realised today as I came away with paperwork for a complete blood check, hip ultrasound, an updated physio referral and a bloody EEG to be done at the local big hospy. He's nothing if not thorough and I am glad he is checking it all out, but he's doing it based purely on facts and history - including that which was sent over from pathology of her last two visits to the ED.

I just would prefer to know that he is going on my "mother's hunch".... but he's not. He is actually doing all this because he is not satisfied with her stability on her feet and he could not rule out something neurological. And I admit that this scares me quite a lot. Best to have it all checked out and I truly hope nothing untoward will be found and her bouts of listlessness remain inexplicable (and unrelated to her GMD).

Of course, all that being said, I am hopeful (and cling to that hope) that she is just roolly sluggish. Now that she is about to hit 20 months and still not cruising furniture or weight bearing properly (or for very long), though, along with the Osteo's diagnosis of low muscle tone in her legs, I don't think I can use the "she'll do it when she's ready" out clause for much longer. I know people still tell me she's just taking her time. It's just that they don't see what I see and don't witness how much she avoids using her legs.

It's all a bit of a worry and a lot of a wait - we won't have the EEG done until next month sometime, have to wait for them to call us - and back for a revisit with the Paed to discuss results and "where to from here" in mid May.

Would ya mind distracting me while I pace til then? Send me, I dunno... send me your fave You Tube links or something. Throw me a bone. Tell me a joke *tapping screen* Hellooooo?

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