Sunday, March 30, 2008

What light on yonder hill flickers

Or somethink.

Since we moved here to our faux-treechange (it's the kind of treechange where you get the beauty of the trees and some gorgeous foothill territory without actually having to have the mountain goat block of land yourself, ours is a flat dreamy space of just over 1/4 acre.... and we have fruit trees!!! But I digress), I have noticed a light on top of the hill that towers out front and across the road. I never knew how much it intrigued me until last night, when I said to Steve, "That's a street light, y'know", he told me "Yes and you are fascinated by it because you tell me at least twice a week, Lenny*."

Huh? Twice a ... oh. And then I remembered, ever so vaguely (for I am nothing if not vague at times), something about pointing it out last weekend and proudly mentioning I had discovered a whole little world up there ("with a play ground for kids and ... everything", I'd said) when I went off on my trip over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house. Griswold style. And then I remembered telling him when I had first discovered it. Oh, and I also now seemed to recall mentioning something about it being a street light when I had mused, that time a few weeks ago, that we had been able to see this from our old place and suddenly we had noticed, about a year ago, a very bright light atop the hill at night. We would stand and brush our teeth and look at the light, gazing at it. Or I would, anyway, I don't know if Steve cared to. And wondering who on earth had such a penchant for spotlights that they'd erected one in their front yard.

I don't know why I never suspected it was a street light. I didn't think there would be such suburban things on such a sheer-faced landmark.

And now, I have done nothing to quash the suspicions of my husband that I am quite taken with this light of mystery. Because I've done a whole entry in its honour.

* Have I ever told you about how I came to be called Lenny? And Steve? How he came to be called Lenny too? Lenny and Lenny? No? Tell me if I haven't and I promise, I will soothe you into a blissful slumber with a riveting entry about that as well.

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