Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Storing brains for the winter?

So the followup confirmation of the LGBB's paed visit are in. One thing stands out to me.

Weight: 50th centile
Height: 50th centile
Head circ.: 98th centile

How does that happen? That's, like, nearly 50% larger than the other major measurements. Gawd. I'm having visions of having to ensure I don't ever give Lolly one of those straight-across-the-forehead fringes. You know the ones, ladies. They were the fringes that made your primary school classmates look, well, big headed. I remember poor Lyndal Ferguson had one. So did Belinda. And Kelly. I didn't. Mine wouldn't comply because I had a cowlick on either side of my part line. Attractive!
Not only that, but Mother would have it cut by a barber. A barber. I ask you... As soon as I could master a hairdryer (and was allowed), I began to style my hair on my own. I will never forget the day, in first year high school, when I discovered that if you dried your hair until steam came out, oh! Rapture! It stayed straight, even on frosty mornings. Straight! Unfrizzy!! I thought I had invented it, I was so excited to be free of the frizz. Not that I straightened it all the time, mind. But just the power to know that straight hair was in my control. The world was miiiine!

Lolly has inherited not only my cowlicks, but Steve's. I pay careful note of the fact that my own hair seemed to be going along quite fine until I was given a ridiculously layered haircut when I was about eight or nine. Then, especially with puberty setting in (and an equally large head to that of the LGBB's), I was really on a downward spiral in the crowning glory department.

So. Cowlicks and a big noggin. They seem to run in the family.

* Not an easy feat if you only had a little bright orange Braun hand-held travel sized hairdryer that was overworked, having serviced a family of four children, and probably not much more powerful than your Dad's electric shaver - if he was so posh as to have one back then.

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