Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Seriously need to broaden my TV

I can't even believe I am about to admit this and I only hope to heck just ONE of you at least has Nick Jnr, or sees ABC Kids.

I have developed another bizarre crush. It's what happens when you spend so much time with the same person. I'm not even going to claim responsibility for this one, it's all the LGBB's doing. She loves the show LazyTown so I have to watch - well, ok, I don't have to. I wish I didn't watch it to be honest. Those rubbery figure characters are downright creepy. I refuse to learn any characters' names, to try and convince myself I am not forming a crush.

But when I see the flash of blue and those steely thighs.... something just comes over me. I get all fixated. And I. Must. Watch. The athletics.

Let it be known for I want it to be clarified that, even more strangely, Magnus Scheving (the guy who created LazyTown and plays Sportacus) is so totally not attractive to me out of the blue suit. Apparently, he needs to be donning that hat and ridiculous moustache. Whaaat?

Oh God. Is Sportacus my McDreamy?? What is going on?

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