Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Six things I've realised today

1. A soy chai latté tastes infinitely better than a skinny chai latté. I know! Totally healthy and allowable within the confines of my detox.
2. There are more than the obvious health and wellbeing benefits to be had from doing a 6am dash to the gym: if your child has vomited up everything she ate from last night to Sunday past, it gives the dearly beloved husband and father ample time to collect up the chunks, whisk shocked, frightened, somewhat skinnier now child into a warm bath to lather up and get rid of that salmon we had for dinner. Last Thursday.
3. It's beautifully cold here today. My toes are still snap-frozen. And I've been and exercised, got all the circulation going, all that. And it's 3pm. No way they'll thaw today now.
4. There is never a 'wrong' time to quote a line from a movie in our house. Point in case: Steve says to me as I come in the door, "I hate to say it but...... darling, you didn't use canned salmon, did you?" in exactly the same tone and accent (you'll all just have to watch this - below - which is just about my most favourite scene from anything Monty Python has ever done, to be able to understand that question)... It's a Mr. Death. He's here about the reaping? Oh, my sides.... here, watch!

5. I love him more when he's not here. Steve, that is. Not the Grim Reaper. Although... him too.
6. If I am going to tie Jazz to the outdoor furniture, wearing my best friend, while the lawn mower guy is here - so that she doesn't force me into the foetal position with her incessant, excitable barking at the mower, I must must must remember to go get her again. Preferably sooner than two hours later.

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