Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A farewell to Autumn

We're in the final days of Autumn. The days are getting decidedly crisper in their coolness, as if the sun doesn't quite pack the same punch in the afternoon already. And in a final flurry of seasonal duty, our tree just dumped 3/4 of its leaves in a matter of days. It reminds Steve and I of the eternally funny Meaning Of Life...

I looked out of my bedroom window a few days ago and was greeted with some morning sun on our beautiful Liquidambar tree. I gazed at the thinning leaves on the branches, soaked in their gorgeous autumn colours. And slumped my head and hunched my shoulders as I cursed the brown leaf carpet across the entire lawn. But really, in perspective, a once a year task worth all the raking, if enjoying the majesty of this tree is the reward.

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