Saturday, May 2, 2009

My brother from another mother

Apple iPhoto has an excellent new feature called Face Recognition. It scans through your photos and builds up a catalogue by face. You can teach it who's who by going through and telling it, when it's guessed at trying to find a face and sometimes gets it wrong, and eventually it guesses correctly more and more. It is a fan-tastic way to view your photo library. So convenient if you want to find photos of a particular person! It zooms right in on everyone's face and takes a little thumbnail and ferrets it away in the catalogue for that person. And it gets smarter and smarter at working it out, still finding the correct faces when only a smidgen of them is visible in the shot. Awesomeness.

Sometimes, as I said, it gets it wrong. Here it is, trying to learn who my little bro is. Erm... I think it's almost on the right track [whistles Sesame Street's One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other]...

And then, there's all the trips down memory lane you get when you see them all, of the same person. I nearly crumpled into a liquid puddle when I sauntered past this, taken of the LGBB in December '07 when we'd just bought this place and were there one day renovating. She would have been 17 months. And only just crawling and sitting up (typical, right when I started packing boxes and needed everything at the other place to be diplay-home-neat).

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