Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mother Lolly

We had to go out to the shops for an appointment today. A rainy, wet old day.

The LGBB was most pleased to bring her beloved Sherry (she is very fair and cycles through her various dozen or so "best friends" and takes them on her outings, so today was apparently Sherry's turn). She obliged when I told her, "Jacket on, hood up", as if I was confident she would keep it zipped up, on her head, not struggle with buttons or pockets or zippers - she gets very Two Going On Twelve when she pulls this sort of caper, the "I don't want to wear this jacket" because her father or I have chosen one that doesn't go with her shoes.... don't believe me?? then odds on you haven't got a girl.

On the way back out, imagine my delight and surprise that, not only was the jacket - which just last week apparently had razor blades sewn into the inside at right angles - now suddenly hunky dory and the best fashion accessory she could hope to get on her in a hurry, but she announced to Sherry, "Oh, Shewwy. You don't want to get wet. You come in my jacket too?"

So I did it. I humoured her (and made a right task for myself, trying to fit the jacket around their two little pot bellies) and I buttoned her jacket up around her bear. The LGBB was tickled pink as we headed back to the car in the middle of some godforsaken sodden carpark in the back of the (packed) shopping centre.

"Mum," she said to me as we walked. "I've got a baby in my belly." We had just been spotting pregnant shoppers while we were indoors and going by her lack of a response at the time, I just thought the LGBB hadn't been listening or been interested.

"Have you?" I asked, looking down as she strode along, arms swinging like she meant business and obviously very chuffed at how she could carry her "baby", Sherry, without holding her.

I couldn't help it. I HAD TO take a photo. Ok, I took four. But only just in case one didn't work....

And p.s. she's wearing one of those skirts!! (You said you wanted a fashion parade of photos...)

Struttin' in the (car)park

Proud as Punch

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