Monday, May 25, 2009

Mandala Meditation Monday #3

For those still playing along at home, here is what I was given today. Let's not forget, we're all connected. I've no idea if this is of any use to anyone and what they may be going through personally at this time. But this is what I received. And once again, you know... in case it's pertinent to just one of you....:


the colour of …LIGHT MAGENTA
the sound chord of …F minor 7
the stone essence of …APOPHYLLITE…Facilitates the attunement to your body as well as to higher dimensional life forms. It creates a conscious connection between your physical form and your spiritual self. Enhancing your mindful analysis with love, APOPHYLLITE allows you to recognise truth and to act upon it. It helps you realise that the state of perfection is the natural state of being. APOPHYLLITE facilitates astral travel and provides you with a clear, definite connection with the physical during such travel. APOPHYLLITE can assist by sending information which is received by your conscious mind; it helps you remain conscious whilst astral travelling. APOPHYLLITE can assist you to access the Akashic records; it facilitates the exchange of communication to do with past life experiences. It encourages a reflective quality so that you can recognise the nature of your attitudes and behaviour. It will encourage you to seek, recognise and correct defiances. It also provides you with the necessary energy for such times. APOPHYLLITE opens you to the ability to see your future. It stimulates energy so as to bring Light and energy into your being and Love into your heart. APOPHYLLITE enhances your intuitive vision. It assists you to traverse time and space, so that you can arrive at a stargate. It maintains the necessary energy for your acts of preservation and rejuvenation and clears and refreshes your eyes.

The Magenta oval and the White spiral within this Mandala, together with the Yellow pyramid,• constitute the dawn of the intuitive worker.

The oval of this Mandala
• will connect you with Universal Law;
• will connect you to the natural self-acceptance that comes from focussing on attaining the ability to be cooperative;
• is the home of recognising that All is One and of learning how to cooperate without your ego’s attitude of denigrating the noble Art of Cooperation;
• houses energy belonging to Nature to assist you to reach further. This energy belongs to the Mother role of giving birth to new concepts that will benefit the Earth, and of giving yourself to the world.♥

It is often difficult to balance giving yourself to others whilst retaining something to give to yourself, yet such balance becomes increasingly important as you expand (or open to) your intuitional flow, and as a greater amount of energy for understanding what is for the betterment of all becomes available to you.

This Mandala will assist you with such balancing. As your life experiences test your self-acceptance and you question how to keep a steady flow of energy available, this Mandala will help you closely monitor and define your ego. While you are certainly responsible for your actions and expressions, remember that you are learning how to detach from assuming that a particular situation belongs to you alone. You should not take a personal view of the situation’s consequences as they present to you, nor succumb to their energy.

It is time for you to know that you are not in charge of the service of healing. Universal Guidance is given for universal care, because such energy is too whole for just you to use. This is why you must always give healing. In the service of healing others, it is your responsibility not only to communicate intuitively with the healing energy given, but also to use your own energy in many different ways in service. This means that you may find yourself having to scrub someone else’s floors or clean their windows!

If you do not enter into some form of practical service that is not necessarily of your choosing, you risk having your most precious intuitive connection emasculated.

• of Mandala No. 41, The Seer’s Sunlight
♥ When intuitive expression becomes an aspect of your life, you can easily lose sight of your physical onus to monitor your health and learning. If you neglect these, hardships can manifest at a later time. You may find that your spine and legs require energy healing because, when you prepare to transpose your energy into your social cause, it will be the spine that will hold your motive and your knees that hold the energy for your new momentum. Such energy healing should, therefore, commence at your knees because it is the knees that hold not only your anger, but also your dedication and devotion.

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