Friday, May 29, 2009

Signs your child is bored with you

She starts asking the dog to play hide and seek. And then thinks the dog is actually playing with her.

Picture this: the LGBB politely asks Jazz if she would like to play hide n' seek. Jazz continues to gnaw her back leg and relieve the apparent itch to end all itches there. Then the LGBB walks around a corner, saying to Jazz, "Ok, Daz, I count. Ready? One, two, FEEEE! Ready ah nut, here I come!"

Cue Jazz still working away at her itchy hindquarter.

"I find you, Dazzy, I find you!! AAAHHHHH! Yaaaaaay!" squeals Lolly as she rounds the corner and uncovers her eyes.

Kept her amused for a good five minutes, mostly because one time after the LGBB had gone back around the corner to count for three - who the hell could hide in three cat-and-dogs?? - Jazz had moved to the door. Oh, whoops, I mean... Jazz had gone and hidden. In plain view. But, somewhere different, is the point here.

D'oh. My brand of fun is just not cutting it right now.

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