Friday, May 22, 2009

And the love-in is over in 3, 2, 1......

Just in case you were starting to gag on my repetitive joy-posts, I'm back to my usual sodden programming.


I GOT LESS THAN THREE HOURS' SLEEP the entire night last night. Thanks in no small part to the bagpipe that apparently lodged itself in my wind pipe and wheeeee-whaaaawwwwwed ALL FU*****G NIGHT whilst I tried to breathe. And every third breath, that bagpipe *ok, so it was mucus, obviously, but perhaps with a nice tartan outer covering* dislodged and tickled the tops of my lungs like a mo' fo' and made me cough. Cough it right up. Upon which time, yet another bagpipe *perhaps from the O'Donnell clan this time* settled right back in place of the previous one.

With all the wheezing and groaning in my chest, the tickle, the rattle and by morning, the exhausted, hoarse bark, who was I kidding, thinking I required more than between 11pm and 2am to get me through a bad-ass Friday??


This is not going to be an ace day. I am OVER this godforsaken Supercold I have had for nigh on four months now. Crap. This is just crap. When I spoke to a doctor about it (last time I was there with the LGBB for her nappy blister woes), he said to me most unhelpfully, "Well, stop kissing each other and passing it back and forth." Well, thanks for that blatantly obvious tip, Doc.

Thing is, Steve and Lolly aren't sick at the moment. Neither of them have had so much as a cough or sneeze for weeks. There's no obvious reason for me to stay clear of them in case I catch something back off them. So by the doctor's suggestion, I should actually just stop kissing my loved ones "just in case". I am still sick. I get, at best, a five day leave of absence from my symptoms before something else (if not a full blown cold again, then something slightly left of field like, oh, say, a bout of food poisoning) hits me. It's quite clear to me that I am depleted of possibly several vital nutrients/minerals because I'm not firing on even one burner at the moment, let alone all four. My voice is only marginally better today than it was two days ago when I woke without it, much to my dismay as I was going to meet a girlfriend and she then had to put up with my hoarse croaking (I'm still sorry about that!). Then of course, yesterday, more talking.

Another girlfriend, whom I've been missing seeing for various reasons and cancelling on because of short notice work commitments and also being sick, tied me to a play date today. They're coming here. It's her daughter's curriculum day at school. A daughter who never gets to see the LGBB anymore, because she started school this year, and whom the LGBB really loves to play with. I can't cancel again. I have to go out to work this morning. Two stupid, out of the way jobs that I have to travel for to a corner of the city that isn't on my way anywhere.


And worse still..... I lost it at Lolly this morning. By 8am, I had been up for six hours already and I'm sorry, but those demands that begin precociously with, "I WANT....." and end in a food item that she knows she's either not allowed to have or that she simply does not need and is just saying for the sake of seeing it in the fridge when I've opened it in the umpteenth attempt to get myself my own breakfast sustenance in between getting her organised for the day and helping her finish her own breakfast... well, it's just not my idea of not poking the bear with a pointy-arse stick.

Lord help all those in my path today.

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