Thursday, May 21, 2009

We have lift-off

Well. The hand-over is done. It was a monumental meeting. For me, anyway. Over two years on this draft alone, not to mention the scores of as yet unused work that have had time, energy and tears poured into them. When I think about the encouragement I've had, from so many of you simply reading along with this blog, not to mention those closer in to me - and those who have first-hand gone into the trenches as I first began to uncover all these vaulted points in our history (one person, in particular, springs to mind for her tireless typing of transcripts from my often-rambling voice files.... a pigeon-toed fanks to YOU) - I just find it overwhelming that I was helped (nay, more accurately dragged) over this first line...

I am so very grateful to have so very many special souls surrounding me :) HOW did that happen, I ask myself often and am honoured to be sharing this journey with you.

The Editor was fantastic, very humble in sharing her well-honed talents. And get this: she did IVF to achieve her, possibly only, child. We spent half the meeting sharing stories about births, about the years of being misread and misunderstood by very well-meaning but ultimately short-spanned supporters around us. It was a very interesting and validating conversation. Here, again, was a woman with a brilliant head on her shoulders, echoing what I've heard so many times before now. And what I silently went through myself for those years while I strived and survived.

Symmetry, people. It's called symmetry. I had no idea hers was a tricky path to motherhood too - no wonder, in hindsight, she was hoping I would contract her to do this with me. And what a boon for the end piece, that I already from the outset have someone in my corner to use a professional, detached broad brush, yet come from an angle of having personal experience in many aspects, herself, of what I've written!

So, all in all a successful morning. I have nothing to report, really, for the moment except that she's keen as mustard to start reading, has taken copious notes about characters I am dubious about including, points I hope have come across, seeking her opinion on some of the token symbols of the piece (she was right on the same page - heh - with me on that one and has already earmarked a few of her own, having had a glance over the first three or four chapters this week).

Oh and for those playing the What I 8 game: I had the most out of this world caramelised banana French toast that disappeared in my mouth (although I'm guessing the same disappearing act can't be said for the resultant effects of such carb-loading). And about three soy latte's. Surrounded by huge lime green-leaved gum trees and dappled warm sunlight on an otherwise bone-chilling blue sky day. Heaven. Pure heaven.

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