Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's the vlogs about nothing that make them really....

...rather annoying to have to watch.  In this vein, here's one for your viewing pleasure and pain.

What you are about to witness is the result of me, uncharacteristically impulsively, grabbing the video camera and just winging it because I wanted to show you something I couldn't describe in words. One take, no second chances. Certainly no thought about putting any makeup on or even, oh I don't know, brushing my hair?? Pfft, I said to myself when I played it back and realised I hadn't done a damn thing to my appearance. Looking presentable is for the weak. Or at least, the considerate. A-hem. For the record, though, I was NOT wearing trackpants. Or a puffer vest, it should be duly noted.

Let's see if you learn anything new today in this here vlog that has only (note: ONLY) seen the light of day because of some peer pressure support. Unless I am mistaken, you can expect some more super vlogs in support of the "vlog for the sake of vlogging" cause from (in no particular order) Lucy, Sarah, Amelia and Naomi with notable cheerleading from Kelly (who needs some love this week, go say hi and spare a hug xx) The other Sarah gets a leave pass for being poorly, poor chick, with the flu... ah, no "possibilities" today... Get well soon!

Have I piqued your interest yet? Well then, prepare to be undazzled! Unimpressed! Unlikely to ever watch one of my vlogs ever again!  Behold!

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