Saturday, September 10, 2011

Princess dogs

I was going to show you photos from my morning walk today. But I've run out of time to do anything meaningful.

So instead, please indulge me (or yourself) as I show you the moment this past week where our dear LGBB decided to play princesses with the two obliging doggies.

The Two Posing Show Ponies 

Best. Kid-dog. Everrr.
Jazz poses like that forever if it means getting a photo taken

Not to be outdone, our old dog looks rather whimsical in pink. Don't you think?
Sweet 18 and never been....
Dear Pepper, she barely stood for this one

I'm joining in Maxabella's Grateful For this weekend... hosted today by the ever-lovely Kymmie from A Day In The Life. But a warning to the dieting: there are scrumptious food photos on her post!

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