Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Lightning Post (Fast as!)

It's like this.... super-quick one to cap off the week (because mine is ending early HUZZAH!):

• Tomorrow I am going away for a bit of a weekend by myself. Gassssp! I am delirious about it. Deliriously happy, that is. A couple of posts back, I mentioned an ancestor who moved out to Australia (and whose daughter from his first marriage I am descended from - although she didn't make the trip out with him but her granddaughter did, thereby becoming my great-grandmother.... making him my four-times great-grandfather.... got that?). Anyway, I start the weekend off with a study class for Dawn Pink (a colour I haven't properly looked at yet but that I hold dear to my heart because of my affinity with two of its related supporting totems, the mookite stone and the Koala). Then I am going to explore the area very locally to where I am going. Who knew that after all these years, a branch of our family ancestry would be within five minutes of the place where I have done much of my recuperative healing and recovery of my soul??? It is not lost on me. Not lost at all. In fact, I find it quite humbling and profound, considering the vastness of this great country - what a great many "coincidences" had to happen in order for me to come to this place.

•  Tabitha brought in a dead bird for me today. When I saw her out of the corner of my eye being all furtive and shaking that obnoxious Hello Kitty-shaped bell more than usual, I glanced over and realised she had a beautiful wattle bird. They have been nesting near my clothes line, the mother gives me warning clicks and calls her babies whenever I go out there. I swear, if it is either that mother or one of her children, the cat will be lucky to escape with her life. Little shit. As if a can a day isn't enough (she eats them, don't be convinced she does it just for the thrill of the hunt), no wonder she is looking very full around the gills lately. The fauna here is delectable :(

•  Speaking of fauna, a whopping great possum met with his/her (but judging by the enormity of it, I'll assume he) untimely fate when attempting to cross the powerline out in the street a couple of nights back. It's been so windy here, even the grandest of tightrope walkers couldn't have navigated it safely. He hung there by his neck for two days until this afternoon, he was mercifully taken down by the electric company after I put a call in yesterday. Not a day too soon, either, for I had awful visions of him falling from the wire - he was teetering and swaying in this horrid wind that keeps whipping up. RIP little buddy. That's two little wildlife families who've lost one of their own in as many days. Bit sobering, really.

And in the most exciting news of my week (which will either prove to be a slow or a good week, depending on how you see it once I tell you):

•  I've lost 3cm just off my waist (didn't measure anything else for fear of jinxing) in ONE week doing the Michelle Bridges 12wbt! Normally I don't plug anything on here, as regular readers would gather, but seriously.... if this program has me out daily at 6am and seeking where to add in more exercise and build the foundations for some serious life changes, giving me results I can see already with another 11 weeks to go, then it deserves a shout-out I should think!

Right. That's me, off then.

Enjoy your weekend and travel safely. Stay out of the way of fat cats and dropping possums.... Thanks for sticking around, hovering, passing through, whatever it is that brought you here!

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