Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The puffiest

Anne's dress that Matthew bought her may well have been "the puffiest". Well. I have it on good authority that the LGBB has the twirliest of skirts. Eat your heart out, Anne Shirley.

In my ever-increasing attempts to keep the LGBB in "pretty skirt and toights", as she declares she must be each and every day upon waking, I have splashed out to complement her mostly pre-loved wardrobe with these stunning little skirts.

We. Heart. Them. Especially that green one underneath (with the red embroidery) - cos it's a long cheese-clothy feeling full skirt that just opens out and out and out, but hangs slim. She wanted to wear it last night with a little dark brown singlet with orange blanket stitched edges and the slogan 'Hippy Trail' emblazoned across it. It was weird seeing the outfit on her, while she was twirling and grooving away to [oh god] ABBA's Nina Pretty Ballerina, she looked so grown up. So right in it. So... folksy. Like the true inner hippy I believe my child totally is (despite me not being one... go figure). I keep trying to preppy her up. And she just individualises herself again at the first chance. Atta grrl.

Me, personally, I just LOVE the red one on top - it's a thick woven fabric. So winter warm!

And all of them. The twirliest.

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