Monday, May 11, 2009

Mandala Meditation Monday #2

Today, I want to post the mandala relating to a lovely stone called Garnet.

I was carrying a little piece of garnet around in my bra for several days last week. I don't know why, but on Monday I was searching for some other stones, found them and then put my stone container away. When I glanced down at the bench, I had taken out this piece of garnet (must have been as I was sifting through to find the others I was looking for - some Sodalite and Citrine pieces) and must have absent-mindedly set it aside.

Going with the instinct that there was a reason I needed the garnet, I tucked it into my top and gave it a little silent thank you for putting itself "out there" for me to notice. I paid careful mind to remember to look it up when I had some time.

On Wednesday, I made that time. I was really pleasantly surprised at how supported I felt by this particular stone and its relative mandala and would like to share it today (albeit at this relatively late hour). As a side note, I had to pause work on this to collect the LGBB from her Monday morning play at occasional care. When we returned home, I was changing her nappy when she said to me, totally out of the blue,

"Oh no! Mummy's stuck!"

I asked.
"Yeah! Mummy's stuck in a round wave!"
Wow, I replied. What colour's the wave?
"Blue!" was the shouted reply.

With those specific details in mind, get a load of today's mandala image. They always told me this kid is going to keep making me "do my work". Towards being spiritually responsible, that is.

Once again, just in case anyone reading finds any resonance or relevance in the text, either now or at a later date when you might happen across this at a pertinent point in your journey:

the colour of ...LIGHT RED
the sound chord of …C 7
the stone essence of...GARNET...
Aligns the emotions with the spiritual bodies. This addresses your ego problems and spiritualises and uplifts your emotions, calms anger and discord, eases eccentric behaviour, and stimulates your spiritual essence in relationships. GARNET activates your willingness to serve others while remaining conscious of yourself. It stimulates your imagination, aligns your astral and etheric bodies and improves your flow of etheric fluidium which has beneficial effects especially on the lungs (where it increases capillary action especially in the lung tissue) and the skin. GARNET strengthens the kidneys and the thyroid. It is especially beneficial in cases of liver and heart disease, and it alleviates anaemia, in particular. GARNET increases the ability of the intestinal lining to absorb nutrients (in particular, Vitamins A and B) and alleviates general nausea during detoxification. It lends greater flexibility to the skeletal system and balances the spinal column. GARNET may be used to help with hormonal problems especially heat flushes. It is also useful in cases of venereal diseases (such as herpes and syphilis), sex-related psychological disorders, and for open wounds.
Adapting yourself to cope with discord is the experience this Mandala offers. It will help you to resonate with the Middle Path and will return you to that centred pathway whenever you stray. As you meander along on your life’s journey, this Mandala will highlight the patterns and textures of the “thought-bricks” that make up the pavement of your pathway.

Few consider that contemplative thought structures are important on the life-journey. Many of you are too distracted by the importance of the destination and hurry on. Others among you prefer to stop and smell the roses, taking in the physical beauty to feed your senses. All of this is worthy and necessary, but now you will have to find a seat by the side of your path to take stock of your thinking-patterns, for contemplative thought structures are what you now must create.

In an active day of walking many steps, your thoughts will be a million-fold. Now, each brick of each thought will require your attention. (How else will you be able to confer with your conscience and change accordingly—from discord, or from re-cording, the same experiences again and again?) By taking time to accept your active thoughts and by focussing on the pattern of the way you “walk” with them, you will come to a more fluent understanding of the journey ahead of you before you stumble on an injury, or halt your course.

To become a conscious being, what you have to do now is change your thought patterns. Instead of rushing ahead for quick results, you have a responsibility to assist your journey by using the mosaic (or music) of your thoughts to track the record of your experiences. Sometimes you will listen to a memorised recording that seems to have spiritual significance (déjà vu). You may stop to explore the wonder of this connection, but do you ever stop to explore the assistance for your journey that lies within this connection or this memory?

This Mandala will show how you need to surround yourself with the beauty of the whole garden, allowing it to embrace your sensitivity whilst you take time to be lifted by this Mandala’s caring capsule into an open space where your circumstances will be clarified and your capacity to cope and conceptualise constructively becomes obvious. In this space you will be able to know what your thoughts are, for this Mandala will help you take the time to observe how you compose them, brick by brick. Meditating with this Mandala will help change to occur so that you can cease your unnecessary circular trekking around a broken disc!

Unnecessary trekking around a disc? Stuck in a wave? Six of one, half a dozen of the other, perhaps....

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