Saturday, May 9, 2009

More on that later

The food poisoning I got on the night of our anniversary, that is, which knocked me flat til... well, what time is it now? Yowzers.

But for now, please allow me to share with you the moment when Family Guy somehow plucked the facetious little voice that sits on my shoulder and whispers into my ear these very words, often and incessantly (and yes, the book is coming along verrrrry slowly, thanks for asking) - it's uncanny, even the number of years I've been working on this thing is the same. Damn that baby, Stewie for being so accurate!!! *shakes fist at ceiling*

And by the way, I dare you not to use the same annoying little sarcastic voice, creeping higher and higher, when you talk to your loved ones. Dare you.

You wanna... a cup of tea? Is that... is that what you want? Want me to, uh, put the kettle? On? Put the kettle on for you? Hmmmm?

Can't. Stop.

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