Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I think an intervention is required

I just did one of those things you do when you think nobody's looking. Uh... except usually, people don't then divulge what they say or do in private on their blogs. Or maybe they do. Which is why some are so damn popular (hey, look at Perez).

Anywho, I interrupted myself.

I have waited all morning for the 'right' moment to boil the kettle and grab a coffee. After two nappy changes, organising all the assorted pills and pain-killers for the two dogs, drawing with the LGBB, attempting to ignore her drawing on the table, wrestling her 15 legs and 28 arms into some clothes, doing the dishes, throwing ball to the dogs, tidying (fat chance that'll stay like that, what was I thinking at 8 o'clock in the morning! tut tut), managing a shower and partially drying my hair, finally I siezed the moment to make the coffee.

The sound of that top sliiiiiiding its way to the bottom of the thermal plunger - a present from Steve for my 30th and quite possibly one of only about four inanimate objects I would take from this house if it were on fire - is one of the most joyous in life, to me. Alongside the LGBB cackling gleefully. Grabbing a mug and going to fridge is the next step. I put a dash of milk in and then top up with the coffee.

But *gasp!* there was no milk. I was supposed to go and get some today, I knew that last night as I was going to sleep. 'Don't make your coffee in the morning, you need to take Lol and get the milk first'. I'd forgotten. NOOOOO!!!

Not wanting to let the coffee or the moment go to waste, I frantically searched the shelves. And then, my eyes landed on the can of whipped cream. Dare I? Hell yeah!

It's delicious. It's possibly my entire intake of calories for the day. But it is delish. I think once Steve sees this post, he will have no option but arrange a meeting with my closest friends and a trained professional to take me away to Camp Decaffeinated for some cold turkey treatment.

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