Sunday, February 24, 2008

I don't care if it sounds nutty

I am taking this as ..... a sign .... *oogidy-boogidy hands aka spirit fingers*

Mr H moved after almost two days of perching in the same corner, past my shoulder as I typed pages of really nitty gritty difficult painful memory-inducing stuff about my labour and birth experience with Ellanor. I wrote like I was back there in the moment. The things I said, what I was looking at, how close I felt to her, it was all very real. I was almost too present in some respects.

Then, in the middle of the afternoon, I had called one of my teachers at Peace Space. I had teed up with one of the others to send my manuscript-so-far to Jen, just for her input, insight and overseeing to this point (something I've not asked her to do in the time, just shy of a year, I have now been slogging at this, but thought it was high time I just requested she glance an eye over from the initial whoa to go, a request to which she had adamantly said "Yes, good timing, send it my way, whatever you've done!"). And knowing that her eyesight is not all that fabbo, I wondered if my 60 pages of 8 point Helvetica was going to really rob the bank on the eyestrain front.

Jen never answers the phone. To my surprise, on Friday afternoon, she actually did. So we had an awesome chat, very affirming of everything I was doing so far - nice to get an impromptu tracking check! - and I mentioned the huntsman who had been overseeing my work since Tuesday (or was it Wed? I can't remember now). She laughed and said he'd stay there til my job for now was done. And I had to dubiously, silently wonder just how long that would be.

Turns out, he decided to move that very night. After the LGBB and I took the manuscript to the post office and sent it on its way to Peace Space (the font size confirmed to be acceptable!), Steve came home and I mentioned in passing that "the thing" was still in the corner and had been watching me again. You have to understand.... this is an arachnaphobe talking here!.... hence the 3587 posts about it.... So, suitably impressed and with the joy of a weekend ahead of him, Steve announced the challenge of addressing the spider issue and said he would usher him out. I surprised myself by saying, "No it's ok, he can stay if you want". But, I guess kind of thankfully in a way (for by this stage I sort of did want it outside where it belonged), Steve insisted on getting The Cup and Paper and doing his magic 'pidy-remover trick.

Well. The H-man defied him at every turn. Actually, he was on the move before Steve even made moves to go towards him. Honestly, it was as if he'd overheard the plan and thought "Alright, fine, I'm going, but on my terms." In the end, Steve said with a thinly-veiled impressed tone, "I can't get it. It's hanging onto the curtain rod now." We have a bare curtain rod in the living room (I took down the curtains the first day we took possession of this house) and apparently, Mr H had taken a liking to it. After about five minutes of shenanegans, Steve made moves to give up. But, turning back and not wanting to be defeated, he went to try again. But the spider had gone. Vanished.

So there you have it. He's still MIA. I don't know if we'll see a reappearance of him, he could well have gone out the window, through the air conditioner vent, into the back of the curtain rod.... behind the couch.... (I still haven't sat on it since Friday, I'm not quite that brave).

But I reckon, it's pretty damn coincidental that he decided to get out and move - after he could have moved for nigh on four days - the very afternoon that I post off my story as it stands so far to the person I am hoping to receive a bit of direction and feedback from. It's like the next step. At least, that's how it reads to me.

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