Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Practice makes perfect

We have on our hands here one little Miss who has seemingly got her calendar out of whack.

She was supposed to roll back to front, front to back at around, what? Four months, do "they" say? (She decided to give it a go but then thought better of it, as it suited no purpose she could see except rolling herself under things and there's no dignity in being rescued from under a couch). So, basically, she didn't roll - although there was about a week or two there, around 9 months, when I thought she'd finally started doing it regularly, but no. She stopped.
Then, she was supposed to crawl long before she did (at 15 months), according to The Books.
She was supposed to be cruising furniture according to the same "books" long before yesterday - first time.... she actually pulled herself up on her own, holding a chair, for the first time yesterday (she turns 19 months tomorrow) and how we rejoiced. The more we watch her develop her skills, the more it seems that the LGBB needs to be sure she's going to do something perfectly before she attempts it. It's a struggle to watch and it'll be something we're going to have to really encourage well, that the accomplishment is in the trying, the doing, the attempt - I can hear it now, "Don't worry if you colour outside the lines, Lolly, you do not need to ask for a new picture, please just finish ONE of these placemats so we can all eat". We've helped and watched and cajoled for weeks now, but she refused to stand because she didn't want to sit back down (the thud to the bottom seemed to make her afraid - but c'mon, it's not like her butt's that far from the ground, is it??!?!)

So please somebody tell me then, why is it, with all this lateness, that our little LGBB appears to have an unscheduled early entrance of .... *cue minor key music* .... The Terrible Two's. It's turned into day after day of the same red-faced shrieky tantrum-explosions. Funny to watch, if you can go out of the room to have a giggle - out of sight and earshot because that's just not respectful of someone blowing their top over, well, NOTHING!!!!!!

Shit, she's funny. I must remind myself of this when next she decides she does NOT want to put her pants on. For no reason. She just doesn't wanna. And she's going to make damn sure I have to use all my physical force to ram those leg holes as wide open as possible in order to make a very deft deposit of foot through hole, toes flailing (yes, even her toes get mad).

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