Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're tap-tap-tap-tap-tapping ... along

Time for an update on Miss Bliss Bomb.

It seems the LGBB has a song stuck in her head this week. But, as often happens - most annoyingly for the person in whose head the said song is stuck - she only sings the first and last lines. Over and over, during the course of her day.

Since the weekend, we've most often heard this little sing-song voice going "Tap-tap-tapping ... ayong" and if we're doing a bit of assisted hand-held walking, we get "I'm walking in tha citee". It's a song from one of her Play School cd's (and various ep's on the show itself) and apparently, right now she's loving it. Either that, or she's hating it but just cannot get it out of her head.

I am also getting the question, "What happened?" a lot. Like... to everything slightly amiss. A noise outside: "Uh oh... what happened?" I turn the tv off: "What happened?" Or I don't turn it on fast enough: "Uh oh.... whoops.... What happened?"

Yesterday, she crawled over the section of floor where we're up to laying the floorboards (and I say "we" like I helped...) and there's an angled groove down to the subfloor. She's been over it, back and forth, obviously for weeks now. But all of a sudden, she wants to know - "What happened? Uh oh... what happened?" Perhaps it's a precursor to the inevitable "Why?" which I am bound to get someday as well.

We are also entertained daily by a recital of One to Ten, Lolly-style. This involves her racing from one through to eight, then dragging out the niiiiiiine, before a pause for suspenseful effect (cue us stopping what we're doing and turning around to see if she's actually going to say ten and being met with an impish grin) and then a celebratory "TIN!" She then announces she's cheeky ("I cheee-keeee"), applauds herself and starts counting again.

From somewhere, she has also begun to recite the alphabet. Every fourth or fifth letter. The tune could not be easier, for it is Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa (whatever the PC colour is these days) Sheep and probably a few others. Speaking of, the LGBB loves banging out a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star "hah I won-ter wha' oo ahhhh, upp-a buh tha world so hiiiiigh, li-ttle di-mond in her skyyyy". To which Mummy and/or Daddy become puddles of mush on the floor.

At bath time, she has begun to simulate washing hands under a tap. Except she does this in a little bath bucket of water, repeating that she is washing her hands over and over, really working on getting the word "washing" right. "Wah-tsing hands? Wah-shing hants?" Did I mention she does it over and over? And ... OVER?? Then every so often she slips in a "Thass what you do." Who knows where she gets that from, because I sure as heck don't think I say "Washing hands, that's what you do." Must listen to Play School more carefully because she doesn't watch anything else (and barely watches that anymore, just too much to do and so little time for a busy little girl to be watching static telly).

High on her current agenda is also naming her "friends". Right now, these include her Nanna and Pa, her uncle ("Timmeeee!"), her cousin Mia - whom she only really knows by way of a skilfully put together dvd by my brother, of his two girls and the family on their visit out to Aust. last year - and the "kids" (nameless, apparently, except one called "Tiggy" - Teagan) at occasional care. Jazz and "Puh-pah" the dogs are also right up there, worthy of a mention.

So. There you have it. The LGBB, a sample of the good bits, aged 19 months. Which reminds me.... anyone got any sure-fire "Understanding Toddlers and Why They Sometimes Come Undone So Explosively You Think They May Have Just Combusted" books? The more humourous and encouraging one to stay sane the better. Thanks ever so.

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