Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It makes a difference

Amongst the cards from our dearest of friends - plus one exceptionally exquisite gift which, on opening and smelling the beautiful cinnamon, lifted my spirits immensely and surprisingly - was a card from The Compassionate Friends. I had forgotten they cared. Of course they do.

I joined the group/mailing list late last year and spoke for some time to a really nice woman who runs our chapter of the group. She lost her toddler son in a drowning accident some years ago now. And she sent us a card. Something I wasn't aware I would fall on until I got to this morning. Thank God some people sent cards! That's all I can say. They were very appreciatively received.

We do not have to rely upon memories
to recapture the spirit
of those we have loved and lost -
They live within our souls
in some perfect sanctuary
which even death cannot destroy
From Nanushka by Nan Whitcomb

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