Thursday, February 21, 2008

When trying to be nice goes bad

I opened the packet of salad greens. In the rinsing process, I noticed a bug - a bloody sizeable bug too, I might add - had crawled his way out of the wet lettuce and was probably thinking What next?

Marvelling at how a bug could survive lettuce shredding, packaging in an airtight plastic bag and storage in a fridge, I felt all very virtuous as I decided not to rinse him off the collander into the tub of waiting grey water but rather set him free outside. To roam. If that is what bugs do.

I carefully navigated my way around the still-unpacked kitchen boxes, took him to the back door, slid open the screen door and flicked him off. Where he fell. To the ground. Looking for all the world to Pep like food. And heaven forbid that little turd, Jazz, should get anything before her, so over she pelted and gulped him up without even stopping as Jazz came bolting from somewhere in the backyard.

He was eaten on the spot. Such is the circle of life?

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