Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When it works, it works

I found out on Monday that a dear, gorgeous friend of mine is almost at the end of her first trimester. She has been trying with her husband to conceive their second child for over five years.

She is currently on self-prescribed bedrest. Fighting a yucky virus at the moment, which hasn't helped matters of morning sickness and the likes, she was also describing how faint she felt every time she got up. An alarming situation for her, this baby (as are they all) is so precious - she has one tube and endometriosis, neither of which are exactly on their side where their chances at conception are concerned - and she also has two cysts to contend with as well. Oh, and spotting.

So, a real grab bag of dicey circumstances.

After I got off the phone from my friend, I busied myself with my day. My thoughts kept turning back to her, though, and I consciously put the thought out there, to Upstairs, that I was more than willing to give her anything or assist if it was permitted and/or if I could.

I left it at that.

We went to bed, had some rain just before 5am which woke up the LGBB. Steve took her back to bed and then came back, slipped under the covers and began snoring again instantly. I wanted to return to sleep but had that familiar pull, drawing me out to my place by the mirrors. I honestly didn't want to get up, it was cosy in bed and I still had more sleeping to do. But then suddenly, my friend's name entered my head. It was for her I was being called out. I was up like a shot.

For some reason, I found it quite hard to concentrate. Possibly had something to do with the fact that the rain was still coming down and I had to leave my post to go and attend to the LGBB no less than four times, and the fact that this was the first time I've done any of this work with her in the next room (such as it is currently, what with her bedroom in the lounge temporarily).

But before long, I had a couple of things just land in my head.

"Magnesium," I heard. Okay. So maybe she has to check her magnesium? Maybe it's low? I only assumed a deficiency, for I am used to the depletions that occur during pregnancy - I had awful anemia with Ella - and made a mental note to run it past my SIL who's a naturopath. The other curious bit of work I had to do involved "restringing" some leylines - fascinating - again, something I had no real idea why, but I have been learning to trust what I'm being asked to do and not searching for the answer or even understanding (I might do this for myself a bit too often, seek to know why/how/what, but I never do when I am working on behalf of someone else). But anyway, I reattached these newly spun, golden "strings" from outside her head somewhere into her pelvis. It was a real strengthening, restructuring exercise.

After I had finished, closed off and begun the day, I sent an email to my dear friend. "Check your magnesium level," I suggested. "I think it might help? Though I have no idea how."

Later in the morning, I got a return text message from the lovely SIL: "No magnesium supplements in pregnancy! It causes low blood pressure."

Not too long after, a return email from the friend that went something along the lines of: "I looked up magnesium online. Thought I had been doing the right thing taking supplements... hadn't asked the doctor about this being a possible cause because she didn't mention it. Thank you!"

So, okay, I'd thought she needed magnesium. But she actually needed to stop taking the magnesium she had been on (unbeknownst to me)! Another little mini lesson for me to not assume anything about what I'm being given to offer someone else.

I am hoping she returns to somewhere near normal before too long, after she sees her doc and comes off the supplements. I realise they would have worked out what was going on sooner or later, but I'm still pretty chuffed to have helped out a little.

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