Saturday, November 14, 2009

The "Get To It Later" spot

Do you have one in your home? I used to. In my last house. When we moved here (nearly two years ago... already!), I had to accept the fact that there was no spare space, no cupboards (we have ONE, yes, ONE narrow cupboard which I use for linen - I'm talking, no cupboards in bedrooms, except ours, no storage at ALL, not even in the laundry). I had to accept that I would move that clean basket of laundry from the couch to the floor to the other couch in the lounge to the top of the washing machine to the laundry floor, etc., if I couldn't get around to folding it there and then.

I'm here to say, I am COMPLETELY over not having any space. I was barely living with it for the past couple of years. But at least I had the laundry as a fallback crap stack. Now, the time has come. We must be squeezed into even less space as building works encroach on us that little bit more and inch the three of us into the corner. Can you see us? See me? I'm the one cowering, saying, "No! Please, no. Don't take my only cupboard and the only room I have ever had in this house where I can shove something out of my sight and close the door on it til I'm ready to get around to it. Pleeeease!"

But take it away, the builder must.

This weekend, I'm moving everything out of the linen cupboard. There is NO place to put it. Steve's parents are bringing suitcases over for us today. For me to pack and run away to Paris. No, I mean, to pack full of our sheets, towels and blankets. I'll have to stack the suitcases.... I dunno, in the kitchen or our bedroom or something.

Then I have to clear out the entire laundry. The laundry is a really decent size. It's a big, square room of nearly 3x3m. It's as big as the ridiculously small 3x2.4m spare room (which has been enlarged .5m in the process of the extension to the house).... in fact, it may be bigger. We're going to build one of the four household-use cupboards into the space behind the laundry door. There's room for a utility cuboard behind that. I'm so, so excited. I will, literally, be a kid on Christmas morning (for we plan to be finished enough to move back in to that half of the house by Christmas), with all my cupboard space.

What the feck am I going to do with all my laundry stuff? The LGBB's art and craft tubs are in there - pretty easy to shift, they're just big tubs - and all my sewing stuff, there's the green shopping bags (they could live in the car for a month, I s'pose), all the odds and sods of a laundry - they'll have to go into tubs or a spare laundry basket as well. All fine and good... but then where do they go??! Hmmmmmmmm. They will literally have to sit out here in the open, where I can kick them, stub my toe and curse them umpteen times a day.

I made the LGBB and Steve stand in our storage cupboard last week. Each time I go out there, I look at the floor space of this thing and give a silent thanks that it snuck past everyone on my house plan. I've been questioned on it several times by different people, including the builder ("You sure you want a cupboard that big?" "That's a pretty big cupboard." "Most cupboards are half that width.") Yada yada yada. And then I lead them in to the main part of the house, point at the little cupboard I'm dealing with and say, "Okay, there's not even a cupboard in my daughter's bedroom and now, her clothes are at the bottom of this apparently acceptably named 'linen cupboard'. If I'm saying we need a big cupboard, you'll BUILD me a decent, big cupboard." *pant pant pant*

I. Need. A. Cupboard. Just one, I'd be happy with for now, til we're done building. The new design has two linen cupboards, a storage cupboard (the one in the photo here, which I plan to use to store games, crafts, winter blankets, small children, etc.), built-in robes in the two bedrooms and a utility cupboard in the laundry. There. That oughtta do it!

But right now, oh I am SO over the no space thing. Canya tell?

And where is your "get to later" place? You know, the place where you put some chore if you want it out of your sight so you feel less pressure to get around to everything in the same hour/day? Is it a spare room? Your laundry? An out of the way corner, perhaps (we don't even have any of those anymore)? A couch? Your bed?

Two of the loves of my life with my newest love...

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