Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy dance

I asked for a weigh and measure this morning when I went to the gym. Just thought it might be a good idea to get a close-to-starting-point, seeing as I started seriously going again regularly about a month ago.

Now, considering my last weigh and measure was taken during this fiasco and I really haven't been more than half a dozen times in six months and let's just factor in that I haven't been in over a week due to the LGBB being sick (and I had a UTI - wahoooo, lucky moi - which I am still not completely over).... I'm very excited to say I've lost a whopping 21.5cm's in total!! Granted, this figure is over a three month period. But still, it proves why the new bra I ordered with a dear friend who now sells lovely intimates was loose after just a fortnight (I bought it at the beginning of my start back at the gym after the raising of the tooth) - she was right, it wasn't abnormally fast stretching of the bra.... it was weight loss! WOOT!!

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