Monday, November 23, 2009

In the breakfast tradition

with fresh strawberries, frozen blueberries and a drizzle of honey

The "tradition" for us involves, most mornings, a playful argument over the fact that cereal, porridge, toast, eggs... in fact anything served at this time of day is classified as "breakfast." I get told that I am a silly Mummy for suggesting food for "breakfast" other than porridge because, apparently, that is the only meal worthy of the title. Everything else, especially cereal (over which the LGBB is strangely very protective), is most definitely NOT breakfast.

Whatever, Toots. Just eat. 'Kay?

You know when you get that inner knowing that you're actually doing the 'right' thing for your child? Some stages I go through, I feel like everything I touch turns to poo [hey, I'm living with a 3 year-old whose answer to everything, when she wants it to be, is "Poo", so get used to hearing me bandy it about every now and then myself] and then I have moments where I just know I've done something right by her. Like serve up a hearty breakfast that she actually enjoys. Instead of yelling at her to stop whinging when she won't tell me what's the matter and just stands there, whining and sniffing and looking like the crocodile who was trying to squeeze tears out.... And then, when I had eventually had enough and made it perfectly clear we were "NOT going to have ANOTHER day of this whining without using words" (it's become a pastime of hers, I'm absolutely sure of it, to see if she can make my head blast off after she sees the smoke coming out of my ears from the incessant belly-aching), I asked her to go to her room if she was "going to make that noise".... and she looked up at me with big tears welling in her baby blues and finally managed to get out, "Daddy went to work" in such a sad voice that I felt hellishly big and ogre-ish compared to her very simple reason for feeling like crying.

And then I say "Tinkersmell" instead of "Tinkerbelle" and she laughs her lungs out. It's so easy that I wonder why I get so wound up half the time. Oops.

Aaaaanyway... I'm just sayin'.... Could've happened. At 7:42 this morning.

Mother Of The Freakin' Year nominee signing off.

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