Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Observations of a day

1. Plasterboard is flecking heaving to lift. Surprisingly, deceptively heavy.
2. You can't risk a sneeze when you need to go toily. Just can't.
3. There is no point whining about weeding. In the end, the weeds will still be there unless you pull them.
4. I saw a false eyelash on the floor of the gym. It weirded me out a little because it looked closed, even though that's impossible.
5. Can someone tell me how to stop saying "That's so raven" every time I see the brand name 'Raven' on the draft flap of my front door please? It's annoying me.
6. Who the HELL wears false eyelashes while they're exercising?
7. Tradies are whiny people if you give them half the chance. And they whine about each other too - "that plumber hasn't even finished fitting it off" (ooookay....), "tell your chippy he's holding us up until he installs the grate" (right-eo and he'll know what that means then?)
8. Charlie and Lola has become ever so firm a friend incredible favourite. If only they'd not teach kids how to cram more words than necessary into one sentence.

9. It turns out, there ARE too many times I can listen to the Xanadu soundtrack *withered look to camera* She won't stop listening to it.... make it sto-ho-ho-hohhhp.

10. Twilight: I STILL don't get it. And I daresay, now, I never will.

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