Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for another book update

I just wanted to share this. It's such a funny memory. I wrote it in to the book about midway through all the blahness... I hope it works. And, finally, an explanation of where the Lenny thing comes from!

One morning while we were on holiday, I came out of the bathroom, face moisturiser in hand.
“What’s that?” Steve asked groggily, still lying in while I had begun the day.
“Face cream,” I replied, looking for my hair brush and distractedly adding, “Oil of Ulan.”
Steve looked at me, a hint of confusion evident on his face.
“Oi love you… too,” he said, not wanting to hurt my feelings by questioning what I had said and making a brave attempt to match what he thought was my new tone of affection towards him.
I stopped what I was doing then and turned to him, realising he had completely misunderstood that I was telling him the name of my moisturiser. We had, for some reason, started calling each other Lenny. It’s a long story, involving the book “Of Mice And Men” and a rather simple thing I had said one day that caused Steve to tell me I could also “tend the rabbits”, just like the character, Lenny, in the novel. And now, Steve had obviously thought I was calling him Len and was expressing my love for him. Using a really strange accent.
I fell about laughing and he joined in when I explained what I had actually said. We were well and truly back in the groove with each other.

To this day, we still occasionally pass each other and one of us will say, "Oil of you, Len," to which the other naturally replies, "Oil of you, too."

As you were, peeps.

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