Monday, November 9, 2009

One of the many benefits of living with a man of few words

The email exchange went exactly like this (hint: makes more sense if you click on the links):

"This puzzle is what I've been looking for, for Lolly for Christmas.
It's buy now from UK. But inc. postage, it's only $18.
Should I get this one? (of the girl)"

His reply:

Then seconds later, I found a disastrous monstrosity on the same page from other international sellers, so decided to send that link to him as well (go on, click on it...):

"Ummmm... or wait, there's this one."

His response:

Nobody but me can say my Lenny is simple. These replies are both very typically "Steve".

But let's just pause a moment, before I go, on that layered puzzle! $18 incl. postage! I have been hunting high and low for anything similar under $30 but with no luck. And this one has the organs too. Woot! The LGBB loves the layered puzzles at occ. care so she's bound to love this one.

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