Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The LGBB's owl.

Now, I'm most excited by this because, see, the LGBB hasn't been drawing anything lately. Too busy perfecting her numbers (she can write them up to 9 now, with prompting) and the thing with this is, she is sooooo hard on herself (pffft, oh I wouldn't know where she gets that from) that it sometimes stifles her attempts to even give it a go. So drawing, too, has been a thing of frustration for her. I can remember, as a young child, knowing what I wanted to draw, seeing it so perfect in my mind, then putting pencil to paper... and not commanding enough control over the pencil to actually draw what I was expecting. I'd get so mad at the lack of control I had over my hand. I must have been very young.

So, I was very pleased to see a little figure on her board. The first we've seen in several months.

She drew this last night at about 8pm, after waking from a quick hour-long power nap (her last vomit was about 6pm and she went to sleep after this, for what we assumed would be the rest of the night). But up she got at 7 o'clock and she was full of beans. She downed a small cup of chicken broth that I'd made on the stove while she slept, nice and salty and clear. Wanted more. I said no. Poor kid hasn't eaten anything since the night before, but you wouldn't have known it last night.

I was treated to a chalkboard instructional. "See, whatcha doo izz...." she kept saying, while she mastered the knack of holding her ruler in various vertical and horizontal positions and drew lines with her chalk. I came over to see exactly what she'd done.

"And who is this?" I asked.
"Thassan' owl," she waved to him casually.
"And what about this little fella?" I asked, pointing to the blob with obvious eyes sitting off to the owl's right.
"That's his friend. Bird."

She then stepped back to reveal what she'd done with the ruler: drawn four lines, one around each side.

"There! That's his house! I made him a house! YAY-YAY-YAY!" she jumped, before I asked her to stop... just in case I was treated to a projectile that would see me wash my fifth load of clothes and cushion covers that day.

Ahhhh, Lolly. It's always great to have you back.

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