Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday in photos

One of our most favourite things is to give the LGBB control of the camera. These are the photos she took when Steve handed it to her in the early evening while the two of them were inspecting the progress on the extension:

I just think this is hilarious of Jazz - her face doesn't look quite like this for neither Steve nor I.
No, this definitely looks like a Pal Pose, exchanged privately between Jazzy and Lolly.

"Oh, Peppeeeeeh"
(remind me to tell you all about the wonders of human glucosamine tablets on an elderly doggy's joints... she has a spring back in her step and, if I am not mistaken, was even seen to kick up her heels a little, in the midst of jumping off the house extension this past weekend - not bad for an old girl who was born in mid-1994!!)

Then it was Steve's turn to take the camera back off the toddler.
"What shall I take photos of?" he asked her.
"MEEEEEEEE!" she declared, true to her 3.5 year-old form.

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