Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

But... what if she wants to be there?

Recently, Steve put up the two floating wall shelves we bought twelve months ago. The one in the kitchen went up the weekend we bought them. It proved such a scumbag to erect that the last two weren't attempted until loooooong after Steve forgot that we nearly got a divorce over the first one.

In fact, we left it so long that we grew unsure of the decision to put any shelves up on the wall opposite the kitchen as we'd planned. It was so long ago. There was no room. It was a big gamble.

When I found a trio of tall, skinny dark wood framed mirrors for the bargain price of $29.95 at Spotlight recently - long after the trend of having them in one's entrance hall or similar had left the building and been replaced by The Next Big Thing - it all just came together.

Now, I feel far less claustrophobic in this titchy li'l side-room to the kitchen. We've created quite a nice little nook. And I love it there.

This is where I go, in the early, early mornings, Zsa Zsa* in hand, a box of matches to light a candle and my laptop or notepad. It's just the most comfortable space in the house now, for me to do my writing. My work. And also, strangely, relaxing too. It can be both! I've never succesfully had a place that is both before. But, here it is.

* Okay, here's where I have to sheepishly admit to the dumbest nickname you'll ever hear for....... a soft faux-mink type throw blanket. It is the most luxurious, velvety, chocolate-coloured smoochy thing. And I can't remember now who named "her", but she's called Zsa Zsa, after the inimitable (oh, except by... a blanket, apparently), glamorous Ms Gabor herself.

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