Thursday, April 16, 2009

Late at night, this **** is very funny

So it might not stack up in daylight hours, just warning you, dear reader. However, in case it tickles anyone as much as it did Steve and I last night (picture writhing and unable to breathe with the visuals and scenarios we were creating for this little item), please. Enjoy. And hey, there's still a few minutes, so maybe even bid!

This is one of the cutest auctions I have EVER seen.

Ok, number one: I love how honest this Ebayer is. "Only been used once or twice." Like you'd be able to tell how many times someone put a hand up it.

[If you haven't clicked on the link already, you really want to now, don't you]

2. The urgency! The urgency to sell the cumbersome, hard-to-pack hand puppet before they move overseas... I mean, you'd hate to have to buy another seat on the plane for it. I'll have what he's having. "No, you can't! You can't order any more, you're costing me a fortune and you've had 5 Bloody Marys already, you lush. I knew I should've sold you on Ebay like I threatened to."

3. The commitment to sell crap (as Ebay so often is known for) is outstanding. I mean, what a blessing (for the puppet) that this seller didn't just see fit to chuck out the perfectly fine - in good condition, used once or twice - hand puppet instead of making it its very own auction. What a refined way to exit an owner's life. Even if they did only use you ... once or twice.

4. I just absolutely LOVE the idea of someone winning this item and opting to pick-up. For one, because the postage is dearer than the winning bid itself and, two, could you picture the seller opening the front door, puppet in hand, a sad look on the puppet's face as it realises it's being shipped off to another home instead of going on the overseas adventure.... Looking forlornly over the winning bidder's shoulder as they head back down the path to their car.... How sad! For the puppet!

Used once or twice. *wiping tears* That just slays me.

Okay. I have far too much room in my head, obviously. Going to go fill it. With some other absurdity, no doubt.

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