Friday, April 24, 2009

Kickstart a sluggish metabolism AND help your TTC??

Here is an easy way to get a few extra healthy minerals and goodies into your system. The smattering of chilli power, to taste, gives the added health benefit of triggering a slow metabolism. Boo-yah!

This recipe is from one of my dearest of the dear. Basically, a good egg, if ever I was blessed enough for a brother to marry one....

Yummy Seeds!

1 pkt sunflower kernels
1 pkt pepitas
Dash Tamari (wheat-free soy sauce, and the more healthy, certainly the more superior in quality and taste, for mine)
Dash sesame oil

1. Heat a frypan on low heat. Add the seeds and gently cook until browning, stirring continuously.
(do NOT leave them alone, not only do they pop - so be warned! - but they all of a sudden start to brown instantly. Takes a while to get to this stage if your pan is not very big, and sometimes it's easier to brown them in batches, but you need to stand with them, stirring frequently).
They'll be done when you notice your pepitas are puffed out and not flat (mmmm and then they melt in your mouth when you're done cooking this recipe!).
2. Keeping the heat on low, add a dash of sesame oil (don't overdo this part) and stir through thoroughly so that a light, even coating on all seeds.
3. Switch off the heat.
4. Add your dash of Tamari sauce. It'll sizzle and smoke impressively, basically it will mostly be burned off by the heat - splash the sauce in sparingly and stir through, add more drops to desired taste.
5. Dust with chilli flakes/powder (but flakes work best) - start sparingly with this too. Taste test. Add some more until desired hotness is reached.
6. Allow to cool and store in glass jars.
7. Eat often and enjoy!

These are sooooo more-ish. I cook up a big batch every few weeks and they make great nibblies if you don't feel like fruit or some other healthy substitute. They taste like they're an indulgence (to me, anyway) and nobody else in this house likes seeds - ewwwww, seeds and nuts, pah pah, says Steve - so I feel like these are even more of a treat, just for moi.

Here are some of the benefits of the pepitas:

Lower Cholesterol
A Rich Source of Healthful Minerals, Protein and Monounsaturated Fat
Anti-Inflammatory Benefits in Arthritis
Protection for Men's Bones (from the zinc found in these super-seeds, which also has links to aiding in prostate health and sperm function/motility)
High in protein, along with some valuable minerals such as magnesium, manganese, copper and iron

And the sunflower seeds are just as fantastic:

High source of folate
Rich in the antioxidant (and natural blood thinner, all you ACA girls!) Vitamin E
Contain mono- and poly-unsaturated fats, which bind to bad cholesterol (I think? I flunked Chemistry pretty badly) - or at least, assist to keep it away/down
High in selenium and copper, a natural way to prevent cell damage

I reckon these may just be the ideal baby-making/preparatory snack, I've just realised!!

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