Monday, April 27, 2009

I would just like to acknowledge...

Four horses have been destroyed since last Thursday, the most recent at Yarra Valley on the weekend.


Because they broke a leg during a steeplechasing (or jumps) race. In the name of greed, they are being flogged and raced and pushed. And so many are being put to death, every race season, for what use is a lame horse, of course?

I just cannot accept that the industry has to keep going for the economy. In the name of entertainment of humans, what's a few dozen horse murders every year? Far OUT, people.

To the money-men:
When are you going to wake up, you f@&*ers, and quit this cruel "sport"?

Let me just reiterate: Four horses in four days. Whether you like horses or not, or racing or not, is not the point. How the hell is this allowed to happen??

Please help to END steeplechasing in Australia...better safety rules are NOT enough"

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