Monday, April 27, 2009

Mandala Meditation Monday #1

Finally, I've had a brainwave (not that I was trying) for a kitsch little theme day all of my very own. Ha-ha!

Little did I know, when I vowed to myself sitting there at my second Energenetics class last Wednesday that I would make Monday mornings my study/meditation/connection time, that M stands for ... Monday and M...andala and .... Meditation! Brill!

Seeing as what I work with is a collective consciousness (well, we all do, really, but how aware are we that the "fitful night's sleep I had last night" has also happened to our neighbour, the butcher, the kid up the street, the elderly lady in the next suburb..... etc.), I have decided that whatever general public/consumption mandala meditation stands out at me from the morning's work is the one I will put here on my blog.

I am figuring, if it is pertinent to me, odds are on that at least one of you reading will also gain some support from reading/seeing it. I find them such upholding things - geometric shapes aside, it's the words that I find such a great comfort when the mandala is "the one" for me at that particular moment - that I can't just sit here with them all to myself and not share them!

I've been waiting for a way to open up where I'm not forcing the exchange on here. And it seems, after this morning (when I was working on opening up the first gateway of my awareness to try and shed some light on the virus that is impinging on my health - I believe it entered last August during the hand, foot and mouth fiasco last year and hasn't properly left either myself or the LGBB), I have been given the nod from somewhere upstairs.

So. Today, this is what has jumped out at me. I hope one of you at least finds it a timely read :) Do let me know if it has any meaning for you! (you can always email if you prefer not to comment). You may wish to obtain some coal and sit with this - put it on your work space or tuck it in a pocket, etc. - if you feel it might give you added support. It is as simple as reading the text below, but sometimes it helps to consciously ask for the energy of that particular stone essence to be "placed in" your pattern.

Enough with the getting-confusing-now talk. On with the first Mandala of the day!


the colour of ...RICH MAGENTA
the sound chord of …D suspended 2
the essence of...COAL...'to kindle'... As an Earth-reliever, COAL acts as a capsule to contain toxins and cleanse pockets of hurts which have loaded the Earth’s energetic fields. It filters and draws emotional residues and toxins that have dammed and created blockages. COAL, then, may encourage you to work through the communication levels of feelings rather than storing them. It helps to eliminate the false majesty of the ego, bringing the ego into the more responsible stance of accepting your service to a cause. For those working within the broad service of cultural prejudices, COAL helps to promote the suspension of judgement and comparisons and so allows you to walk freely with your own ability. Encompassing a broad energy for bringing through expansive understanding, COAL allows for the peace and space wherein your own needs may be met. It assists in easing the stress on your nervous system. COAL may be used for genetic alignment in order to dissolve past persecuting patterns which hinder your seeking of spiritual productivity (particularly that which pertains to the ancient knowledge and lost civilizations). It also treats the mental restriction relative to your opening to the perception and understanding of such lost wisdom. Relieving depression (for whenever the body is under assault and there is a need for tissue regeneration, depression always ensues), COAL stimulates tissue regeneration throughout the body especially when exposure to radiation has occurred. COAL improves your self-esteem and inspires you to experience higher spiritual truths. It temporarily aligns all subtle bodies which makes it easier for vibrational remedies to work more effectively. COAL may also be used for the fear of bringing the feminine into a more androgynous state.

This Mandala is the Gateway that will link you to the force and magnitude of your past. It also represents the encompassing of all that you are to carry into the future. The perception represented by this Mandala will aid you in toting the load of your passion and uniting it with your ideals so that you can create a shield of form for today’s reality.

This Mandala is about learning prudence through the advent of wisdom. It is about reworking your own perception from one of seeming disadvantage and turning it into an advantageous perspective so that you can recognise the scheme of an experience.

This Mandala is about turning weakness into worth—gathering medicine in order to perform, or create, a form that can transform vulnerability into sustaining strength. Although you should heed the call for discretion, you should not hold back but instead use wisdom to pave your way. Rather than using brutal force, or physical endurance, to beat the path to a solution, now is the time for you to stay quiet and use your sensitivity. Listening to your own sensitive view of a situation will allow you to be guided through the twilight and preserve the structure of your energy.

Meditating with this Mandala will greatly help you while your survival instincts gather the strength to become more reliable to your changing self. Such meditation holds the key to your visions and teachings thus far. This Mandala is your wisdom personified—the ability of your wisdom and worth—and your shield of preservation and possibility. This Mandala will anchor your vision quest to attain your heart’s true desire.

Do not create adversity through conflict. Instead, face your quest with discretion and prudence and walk the path of peace through wisdom. The state of your memory will remind you that your wisdom is embedded in links to your “ancestral home”. Be still, therefore, and call upon your Ancestor-hood to gather your tools of change for the new.

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