Monday, April 13, 2009

He didn't stand a chance

It was Steve's 37th birthday yesterday. I asked the LGBB to choose a cake on Saturday from a book I'd borrowed from the library (it was one of those last-minute grab moments, you know, like when you're walking out of the library and are looking around to see if there's anything you might like to read, given that you've been there for the past hour choosing story books for them but the only stuff near the counter is browsing, flicking worthy? It was one of those books).

This is the one she chose. Of course! 'Tis the season to see bunnies. And he was DE.LICIOUS (if not a little ridiculous, I mean look at the teeth I put on 'im... they weren't on the original but he was entirely too formal and boring without them - in fact, he could have been a big-eared dog for all anyone knew):

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