Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guess who's graduated to Kindy swimming class!

If any of you said "Steve!".... you'd be incorrect. Funny. But incorrect.

Our little girl, who began swimming in Feb 2007 when she was barely six months old, has reached Kindy class stage/age. It was a happy day today and a poignant one as Steve took his last turn in the class with the LGBB. Little does she know, he won't be swimming with her next term.

I'm taking her to a four day school holiday program intensive this week, to get her used to the idea of swimming alone with just four other kids and an instructor in her class. Our little baby's getting all growned up! SNIFF. I can still remember my huge welling of emotion the day I took these photos, her first ever dip in a swimming pool. The first photo, just seconds before she got dunked by Daddy.

She's loved her swimming since this first day - we can thank her first teacher, in part, for this because she was phenomenal, leaving at the end of that first year to take up a position as a primary school teacher after completing her studies (what a grouse teacher she must be making!) - and has never screamed or cried or thrashed about, happy to participate every single week.

Yep. She's a water sign and a water baby, alright!

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