Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ever wondered?

I give you.... the most painstaking effort for accuracy I've ever encountered in the attempts to capture the elusive Man himself. The one in the Moon. I'm very excited, actually, for this is the first non-family related picture (in fact, one of the very first of any kind) she has drawn. I love getting her commentary. Soooooo priceless.

If you've ever wondered what he looked like, the LGBB would be pleased to tell you he has:

"Two eyyyyeth..."
"A thmiley mouth..."
*pause to turn from the board and check out the moon from where she's standing, just so she gets the proportions right... but of course*
"Legth.... one, two, free, four, five, thixth, theven.... aaaight..."
"Armth... one, two..." (perpendicular from his body, apparently - maybe he's just put on his deodorant?)

And then the hair extended down his body. I asked her what it was, just to be sure. And yep. It's hair.

So there you have it. The Man in the Moon is an eight-legged, potato-shaped smiley being. With an urgent need for a hair removal cream of some sort.

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