Sunday, December 7, 2008

It'll do for now

From this (when we moved in 11 months ago)... this as an interim facelift to make it a bit more comfy...

...and as it currently stands (until I have the time
to organise the finishing touches)

Am planning a new paint job once the plasterer has been and will update with photos after then (I'll be wishing people Merry Christmas before that happens, though, now).

Still, here is a very comfortable room that is already a big hit with Ms Lolz. And me. I'm so comfortable in there! It's funny how uncomfortable the other room truly was, it was so dark - mainly due to the carpet and easterly window - but now.... it's really cosy and somewhere we can really spend lots of time playing.

I plan to make new bright curtains (I made those Paddington Bear ones when I was pregnant with Ella and they are really good, heavy drapes) to go with her girly room, but will wait until I've done a colour scheme I'm happy with - I want something to take her into "little girl-dom" in her primary school years, as it's not something I want to be changing with the seasons necessarily. I've also bought those lovely cushions for her new bed and will replace one of these with the Paddington Bear cushion cover I made for the reading chair.

Happy :)

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